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Value of Prenup Agreements

Prenuptial agreements, shortly known as prenup agreements are legal contracts entered into before the marriage takes place. These legal agreements usually include the following provisions:

  • Proposals for the asset distribution in the event of divorce or death.
  • Determining the distinctions between marital properties subject to distribution as well as separate properties which every party retains.
  • Protecting one spouse from the debts of the other spouse
  • Waiving or predetermining spousal support which includes the duration or amount of spousal support.
  • Protecting estate plans.
  • Protecting income against considered marital assets.
  • Protecting children from the previous marriage.
  • Protecting confidentiality

Prenuptial agreements can actually go so far in order to protect the rights of individuals in case marriage will no longer work out. Without such agreement, which particularly delineates how assets must be distributed, the titled spouse owning the assets before the marriage is the only one legally entitled to keep the ownership of properties that are separately owned in the event of divorce.

The Significance of Prenup Agreements

There are common misconceptions that prenup agreements benefit only the wealthy ones. However, law reports highlighted that the value of prenup agreements can be enjoyed by wider population. Individuals can benefit from these agreements in the following ways:

  • Couples are able to meet their needs independently.
  • When a party has particular assets to protect like business assets or inherited wealth.
  • Where one party anticipates obtaining wealth after the marriage
  • Overseas couples coming from the place where prenup agreements are commonplace.
  • Couples with children from past marriage or relationship. This ensures that properties are passed to these children.

Seek Legal Help from Knoxville Divorce Attorney

If you are in Knoxville and you are thinking about your marriage and your desire to avoid unnecessary stress in worst case scenarios, Knoxville divorce attorney can help you protect your own assets. If you need legal advice about prenup agreements and other divorce related issues, you can contact this knowledgeable attorney to help you gain clearer understanding and know your rights as well.

Knoxville divorce attorney specializes in prenuptial agreement which is said to be an excellent tool in establishing financial rights of every spouse during unfortunate event of divorce. Prenuptial agreements are also tools to secure personal assets, family business and welfare of children. You might be required to have a qualified attorney by your side so it would be best to call the best, Knoxville divorce attorney when the need arises. This Knoxville divorce attorney is expert in different areas covered by the Family Law such as divorce, prenuptial agreements and more.

If you want to ensure the protection of your children or you are planning to remarry, a highly experienced Knoxville divorce attorney can help you deal with all legal forms including prenuptial agreements. This attorney is highly efficient when it comes to handling all the legal documents related to the prenup agreement. If you have any doubt or there is something bothering your mind about this agreement, you can ask your Knoxville attorney and let him explain for you to gain clearer understanding.


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