Preventing Child Relocation After Divorce

Families get torn apart on a daily basis. However that doesn’t mean the children should have to suffer because of it. After a divorce is finalized and the custody of the child or children has been given to one of the parents, oftentimes, said parents have thoughts about relocating. The parent usually wants to move to receive a brand new start away from the pain and chaos of their divorce. They feel like by moving, they can start all over again or they might be moving for a chance at a new romance, to be closer to other family members, or as a career choice.

Relocation after a divorce has become a very common issue. Children should not be torn away from their homes, families, and all they have ever known. It is not fair to the children or the parent that they might be taken away from. Hire a Knoxville family attorney to prevent your children from moving far away from you. There are many people constantly working to make sure that family law in Knoxville stays fair and keeps all family close to their children.

One of the first things that can be done to avoid relocation is to include a notice provision into the settlement agreement and the Divorce Decree. Finding the best child custody lawyer takes top priority, a good lawyer can help parents to come to a peaceful settlement and help write a Divorce Decree that both parties are happy with.

A notice provision states that if a parent is planning on moving out of state, they must notify the other partner in advance. This lets both parents have the time to attempt to work something out that is agreeable to both of them, but if an agreement cannot be reached, the other parent has enough time to object to a family court. Some parents may want to consider a final “no-relocation” clause in their Divorce Decree. This would prevent the guardian from moving the child a certain distance away from their current home without the other parent agreeing to it.

Knoxville Divorce Attorney are here to help you prevent your child from being relocated away from you. Family law in Knoxville is determined to keep your family close to you. Denna Middleton is the best child custody lawyer that anyone could ask for. It is the hope of  our family law Office in Knoxville that every child not be separated from either of their loving parents.

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